These are Best TH16 base designs suitable for legend league players or clan war defense in Clash of Clans 2024.

Experience exceptional TH16 base designs built by talented players from esports community, perfect for Clash of Clans Wars.

  • It will be challenging for enemies to score 3-star victory against any of these TH16 base designs.
  • All these bases have been built with merged cannons and merged archer towers to maximize damage inflicted on enemy troops.
  • You can create a truly badass TH16 Anti-3 star base design in Clash of Clans like this one that will leave attackers scratching their heads and running away in fear.

Copy base links is included for each of these town hall 16 layouts so can copy them directly in game.

These are Best Top 10 Town Hall 16 Layouts with Links in Clash of Clans 2024. Anti-3 Star, Anti-Electro Dragon, Anti Everything Layouts, Progress and Obstacle Base.

1. Best Town Hall 16 Base – Anti 3 Star Design – COC 2024

Air defenses are strategically positioned along the outer edges to quickly defeat any air troop attackers.

Enemies will never be able to 3 star this th16 base without powerful attack strategy and right troop combinations.

Copy Base in Game

2. Pro TH16 Base – Boxed Design – Clash of Clans 2024

This is a professional town hall 16 base design built by players from esports community. Most of pro players from tournaments use this kind of boxed base designs.

People that try to use electro dragons for this base will never be able to 3 star even with all maxed hero levels.

Defenses are startegically placed to counter lightning chain attacks from electro dragons. This th16 base also defends well against hog riders or miner attacks.

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3. Best TH16 Base with Link – Anti Electro Dragon 2024

This is a anti 2 star as well as anti electro dragon base. We have seen enemies score 1 star from this base.

Inferno towers, Monolith and X-bows are strategically positioned to effectively counter both ground and air troop attacks

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4. Unbeatable TH16 – Anti 2 Star Layout

Air sweepers are strategically placed to cause devastation for air troop attackers.

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5. Insane Level 16 Town Hall Base – Clash of Clans 2024

The strategic positioning of Clan Castle troops plays a crucial role in defending this th16 base.

Queen walk or funneling becomes extremely challenging due to unconventional defense placements in this town hall level 16 base.

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