BFA School


Balochistan Food Authority Training School will be established very soon and will be the sub-section of the Technical Wing.


“Training of Food Handlers about food safety and hygiene to decrease prevalence of diseases among consumer”

What will be Done

  • Registration of Food handlers
    • Level-1 training
    • Level-II training
    • Person In Charge/Hygiene Manager
  • Batch Planning for training
  • Will Conduct training Session of Level-1
  • Distribution of Certificate to Qualified Food Handlers

Future Perspectives

  • Balochistan Food Authority Schools will be established very soon Balochistan for Food Safety training Level-I and Level-II.
  • A model School of Hygiene will be established for Food Safety Training Level-3 and Food Safety Training Level-4 and advanced training courses on Food Safety Systems in Quetta Division.
  • No food handler should left untrained in the Province of the Balochistan.
  • All food handlers must be certified from the Balochistan Food Authority School.
  • No Food Business Operator will be allowed to work unless its workers are trained/ certified of Food Safety Trainings, from the Balochistan Food Authority School.