Scientific Examination of Food


“Without Laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms”. Louis Pasture.

Laboratories play the role of foundation to ensure public food safety by providing the information regarding the visible and invisible components/ingredients of food. BFA has acquired 02 Mobile Food Testing Laboratories and some essential lab equipment/item. Laboratories are a section of the Technical Wing of the Balochistan Food Authority consists of two sub-sections i.e. Mobile Food Testing Laboratories and Scientific Lab Facility ( will be established soon). Mobile Food Testing Laboratories of the Balochistan Food Authority has been working since December 2021 in order to test complete regime of food samples in the Province. The main objective of Laboratories is to check adulteration/contamination and composition of all food items; customary or undeclared ingredients in prepared and raw food. Food Laboratories ensure food safety and quality by providing scientific support to meet the requirements of International Standards.

For that matter the Laboratory will functions to analyze all the basic Food commodities like water, Beverages, meat, milk, flour, spices and oils from the whole province of Balochistan.

Note: The BFA Scientific Lab Fabrication is under process and it will be established very soon.

What we do

Mobile Food Testing Laboratories

Contaminated and adulterated food is the highest risk for the transmission of diseases to the masses. Mobile Food Testing Laboratories of the Balochistan Food Authority, equipped with latest Technology and proficient staff backed with prominent scientist of the Pakistan are able to identify the safety and quality parameters of wide variety of food in line with the PSQCA Standards.